Web Site and Grocery List

For those of you who follow this site, sorry we’ve been down the last couple of days. Doing some server improvements and moving things around. We’ll get back on track in a day or two. In the meantime, take a gander at a new fun and simple project you can do yourself. This will be a part of Secret Art Project X.

Fake Grocery lists. You can either include fake things on a real list, or a fully fictional list. Bonus points if you create some sort of story or plot with you list.

Then go grocery shopping and leave the list behind for some other curious shopper to find and enjoy.

This is the first one we tried. It’s my daughter’s handwriting so I’ll transcribe below.

Grocery List

– I’m the realist (this would be an Iggy Azalea joke)

– Carrots

– Maaaaa + Cheeeeeees

– Karate Lessons

– Cake Muffins

– Beans

– Gopher Boots

– Cookies

– Butter

– Toothpaste


– Wizard Staff

– Puppy Eggs

– Fruit


Today I had another list which included Frogs Legs and Free Range Ice.

Go do something creative today.


Orson Chapter 26

Very short on time today… did not plan my day correctly… or at all. Either way, I’ve got to run. For those following “Orson” this chapter is a Rainbow chapter. I fear that not much is happening in the action… a fear that I believe I can see myself doing something about in the writing. I can see my own inner editor telling my writing self that nothing’s happening and you’ve painted your characters into boring corners where no action is happening, so I start eliminating useless obstacles. Like in this chapter with airport security.


Orson Chapter 26

Chapters 1 – 25


“The Continuing Adventures of Byron and Bing” Part I Chapter 1

In the Works section of this site I classify this under Novel, but my intention is different than just a novel. The key word in the title is “Continuing” I’m thinking it’s going to be a story of many adventures and stories with no end in sight. Just enjoy the ride.

I’m also bluntly asking for fan art… I know, you’re not a “fan” yet, but you will be, oh yes you will be. Love SteamPunk? Love Surreal things? Love Comedy? Love Liars? You’re going to love “The Continuing Adventures of Byron and Bing”

The sketch below is, well, a sketch. I’m pretty happy with how Bing looks (he’s the rounder one) Byron looks too freaky, but hey 50% success rate ain’t that bad.

Byron & Bing Chapter 1

Byron & Bing Sketch



Conversation with OK Go

Recently I had the chance to have a video chat with Damian Kulash and Tim Nordwind from one of my favorite bands, OK Go.

We were supposed to talk for 15 minutes about an art project that I had. They’d give me ideas and we’d discuss… in a sense collaborate.

Since, as you know, I’ve always got multiple projects in the works we ended up talking about a lot of different things and it was… well, it was great. This conversation was only supposed to be 15 minutes long, it ended up being an hour.

I have no idea if watching this whole video will mean anything to you. For me, it was a great time talking with a couple of artists who I really respect and am a little star-struck by. I think I sound like an idiot, but hey…. it’s not about me.

I’m going to have two more conversations with them in the coming months. Between then and now I’m supposed to work on my project and they’re supposed to come up with suggestions about it. When those conversations happen I’ll post them as well…. maybe even edited for easier consumption, you lucky dogs.

I had planned to edit this one down, but my editing skills are not up to what I want them to be, and I wanted to get this out there for the couple of people who were interested. Also, our conversation was all over the place so it was difficult to find an editing through-line that would make sense. So this is just the raw footage.

Oh, and hopefully, for our next conversations it won’t just be a camera pointed to my laptop. My use of technology will get better. Hopefully, I won’t feel like I sound like an idiot either.

Anyway… enough pre-justifying here’s the video:


“Orson” Chapter 25

It’s a Jack chapter…. he’s usually a jerk… this short chapter he’s kind of sounds motivational.

Orson Chapter 25

New to “Orson” you can catch up here: Orson  Each chapter is pretty short.

I’m currently downloading/uploading a large video for you’all. A month back I had a chance to have an online conversation with the band OkGo.  I was going to edit it down to smaller more bite sized pieces, but our conversation was rambly and my editing skills aren’t what I want them to be, so you’re just going to get to see the whole thing.  It’ll be up soon.



Car Alarm

This is a short sketch I wrote for some sketch group I was in… I don’t recall when. It’s never been produced, so whatever group I was in at the time must’ve disbanded before we got around to it.

I’ve converted it into a free verse poem of sorts. I was trying to capture the thought process that people have when confronted with an embarrassing moment.

“Car Alarm”

Also, it has a bonus dated “Myst” reference. If you decide to produce this for any reason, feel free to eliminate or change that line.

Oh, btw, did you know:

*All of my works are free to read, perform, produce and/or adapt anyway you like. All I ask is that you contact me and let me know how things went. Credit me as writer and include my web-site  (Mike Eserkaln www.eserkaln.com ) Photos and reviews of productions would be great too. Also, donations are always appreciated. Thanks.