Continuing Adventures of Byron & Bing: Sunset Gold now available

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Art From France

These are from the wonderfully talented French artist  Captain Pooky (Chloé Payet-David)

She is really creative, quick and easy to work with, and as you can see, super good at what she does!


Illustrations for Novel

Here’s a couple of illustrations for my upcoming novel “The Continuing Adventures of Byron & Bing : Sunset Gold”

Artist are people I found through Instagram, or friends of friends.  I’ll post more as they come in.  Book is due to be published April 20th.

Jennfier Kirkham – England

Olaf Horstmann – Germany

Jake Barnes – America

Parvina Olive – Russia

More to come!


Hug Blog Day #7 : I’m a bad scientist

Spent the day with my kid, so got in those bonus family hugs. Got one of her friends in on the project too. Kid hugs are good. Side note: don’t hug a kid if you don’t know them. I haven’t done this, but I feel it’s something that should be said. That’s why “high-fives” were invented.

Swung by the club to check in on things there. Got hugs from Allyson, CJ and Jacob.

Just one blog post back I had noted that I found it odd that other people weren’t hugging each other any more than they normally would. I kinda thought the idea would spread. Then I decided that I wasn’t going to bring it up and just keep observing. Well, it turns out I’m not the best of scientists when it comes to not interfering with the test results. I told them all it was odd they weren’t hugging too. Hugs all around. Everyone seemed happy with it.

Lesson (besides that I’m not a great scientist.) If happiness isn’t spreading by itself, sometimes it needs a shove.

Hug someone today.



You probably don’t know him, but he found this out the hard way.

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